Manual Overview


The Affiliated Computer Services' (ACS)  Medical Bill Processing Portal User Manual is designed to provide a concise and helpful guide to locating information about the portalís functions and features.  

The User Manual is designed to facilitate ease-of-use for the portal user.  The documentation describes portal functionality and incorporates these functions into logical groupings. 

User Manual Contents

The User Manual is broken down into logical sections allowing a user to locate information quickly and easily.  The flow of documentation is also similar to the manner in which a user may navigate through the site. 

The User Manual provides the following:

User Manual Standards

Below are the standards and conventions used in this manual.




This icon appears at the beginning of each heading, designating an introduction and purpose statement for the following feature.



The Navigation icon appears at the start of each function, detailing the navigation path to the page described.  For example, the path is presented in the following format: 

Home page > FECA > Provider > Accept > Login

The screen tip is a quick reference of useful information offering a detailed description or helpful advice on Web page functionality.


Bold Font

Signifies label names of buttons, keys, tabs, toolbars, or options



Acronyms are abbreviations of names or terms.  For example:

Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS)


Title Caps

Programs, applications, page and field names


URLs Uniform Resource Locator are website addresses that appear as all lowercase underlined text. The site may be accessed by clicking the hyperlinked address.